Saturday, February 12, 2005

my trip to the dollerama

i love the esoteric debate.

but in other more crafty matters i took a shopping trip to my neighborhood dollar-store-mecca and picked up a few things and would be delighted to get more if needed

here's what they got:
flowers etc: a huge assortment of very strange fake vegetation. mostly guady flower type things but some of a certain surreal quality that i enjoy. also, they have dried flowers and j.v.h. will be glad to hear i picked up some gems that look much like the triffids. and also i got some sheet moss.

felt: four for a buck. but only small pieces. when i was there they had only these colours: green, black, red and white.

pipe cleaners: didn't get any but y mentioned using them for our structural concerns

velcro stuff: in strips and dots. i picked up a pack of strips.

string, yarn and glue of various varieties

many strange plastic animals, both current and pre-historic as well as army soldier dudes (if we wanted people)

but no stuffing unfortunately. let me know if you want me to pick up more stuff. and i will for sure have more stuff for lino printing next week.

over and out

sheet moss? what is this magical sounding stuff?
well, its green and well it looks like twiggy moss like stuff. comes in a plastic bag. very cool.
cool, velcro dots! a world of possibilities...
i have some velcro dots. will bring along.
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