Saturday, February 12, 2005

a proposed change

since it is the birthday of a miss molly on the 22nd and she is having a little party that day. i propose we change the date. or we could meet even earlier in the day and all head to birthday festivities after.

i know jason and i were invited and we're two of the crucial baggers. and yvonne is a roommate. and catherine. well she is the official side kick so shes gotta come.


hi baggies,

yes, mos def let's go to molly's do. how about meeting on the thursday night instead?

auf wiedersehn!
i can't do thursday, or wednesday. this might seem crazy, but we could meet this tuesday instead, and then molly's day could fall on our week off. would that work?
or maybe Y's german greeting means she'll be in berlin next week? if so, i could do monday the 21st, but i'll want to take off at 8:30. or fridays are always good.
yvonne is away in germany as of today some time? and jason is gonna be off to new york this week. so i say we try for the friday feb 25th.

still my house. still 6:30 thou.

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