Thursday, February 24, 2005

a question from the underbelly of the cbc

hi kids,
still editing here. everyone else has gone home and only the hum of computers to keep me company. i wish you were all here to cheer me on as i battle technology and edit little slivers of voices. i could really use a bit of upbagging right now.

but i claimed there was a question and here it is: are we going to be printing tomorrow? if so, i would need to pick up some more linoleuom stuff from the art supply mecca. i can do that but i have to come back here tomorrow to finish. although at this point maybe i should curl up under a cubicle.

if someone else wants to volunteer to pick it up, the best place is aboveground on mccaul cause they got the soft stuff. its up in the printmaking section. its white. not dark brown like the harder stuff. if no printing will happen then i guess its a non-issue.

across from right now is this odd glass building with people walking around and shiny cars placed helter-skelter. it looks like an odd human version of an ant colony.


my vote is for rose to not kill herself trying to get lino. either we can use the old cutouts, or not do printing, or someone else can pick some up. mcCaul is out of the way, but i'll see if i can find some somewhere else on the way over.
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