Sunday, February 27, 2005

tv discussions

we didn't get to this at our last meeting but maybe we should discuss on-line what we need for the l.a. peeps. and i would suggest a little manifesto as well based on some of our blog discussions. i am willing to do some of the compiling of our ideas/game plan to make it coherent and clever.

let the games begin.

i think it's great that we're getting all arty and legit in these discussions, and writing a manifesto is a great idea, but the TV people won't care. they just want us to tell them how to sew the things together. so i think maybe i should just whip something together and send it to them. it will be practical and not so interesting, but that's what they want to see. i think we should look at the TV thing as a side-project rather than continue thinking of it as the main thrust of upbag. we've gotten bigger than tv.
bigger than tv. two meetings and were already b-i-g. than we for sure need a manifesto and quick. we may become more popular than jesus christ soon.

thanks for doing that catherine.
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