Monday, March 07, 2005


hey i wanna invite a few interested crafters that j.v.h and i spoke to on friday and leapt at the opportunity to come make soft buildings. one is a boy, and one a girl. and the boy impressed us througly be offering to bring his own sewing machine.

also, i have been experimenting with priniting on various materials including celophane (no idea how to spell that word). i am going to bring the lino stuff again. but i vote if its a thing were gonna use that we take up a bit of a collection cause the ink and lino stuff is expensive. we have barely used any thus far so no prob but if we expand production. which it seems we are. i was also thinking of picking up another carve tool.

also, also, can we please not post long things about events. just give the link. bad enough i get 500 e-mails a day of that variety. lets keep the blog the sacred place it deserves to be. and long e-mails should be reserved for debate and other diatribes.

I have a sewing machine too, w/c I can bring?
are we gonna run out of space or something?
i was thinking of getting myself a lino carve tool and picking up some blocks. maybe i'll actually get that done today as I'll be near McCaul tonight.

on the stuffing front, i can bring some, but the bags of soft stuff will disappear quickly. there's maybe like 4 or 5 buildings worth in each at the most, so it might be good if more than one person brought stuffing. at walmart, where i'm reluctant to shop, but do anyway, they have bigger bags of cut up foam bits. i was also thinking that it might make sense to get some big blocks of foam and just cut ourselves skyscraper-sized pieces of it, then the buildings would still be soft, but more cube-like. it's an aesthetic decision that we might want to go both ways on, but for some tricky shapes, it might be the best way to go. i guess they have a good stuffing selection at fabricland too, but it's a little farther from upper parkdale. not sure where to get big foam chunks. or how to transport them by bike.
I can drive, if you need. I also need to get supplies. I'm free right now.
yvonne also has a sewing machine, so we'd probably be ok with just 1 or 2.
we should use your wheels as a foam-mobile sometime once we figure out where to get it (and if we want it). i don't think it's urgent yet. but if you do get supplies, stuffing would be a good buy.

i'm going to the queen/john area around 5:30 tonight anyway, so i'll pick up some lino stuff when i'm there.
I only have wheels on a limited basis (ie 'till the end of the week)

after that who knows.
is the foam stuff at the mart of wall? i'll try to also pick up stuffin'. and thanks ms. stinson for picking up the lino stuff.

much love
i have no idea where to buy foam. they might have it at fabricland, but maybe not.
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