Sunday, March 06, 2005

OK it's official (?)

The next BAG meeting will take place Tuesday March 8th at Jason and Yvonne's place. Let's say 7:30-ish?

sounds good to me
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Hi, I'll be there and I'll bring your schnapps.
(what happened to the up?)
since i suggested the day i guess i better come. but i better not get conned into making dinner again... be warned all baggies the residents of 442 landsdown have magical ways and you may find yourself doing things you had not planned.
You have to admit that it's kind of endearing how we somehow manage to pull out all the ingredients needed for a particular dish without meaning to, and then stare at them with no idea what to do. The secret behind our magical ways must be that we are cute. Even other cuties are not immune!
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