Wednesday, March 09, 2005

success and storage

a great meeting last night baggers! our strange and special city is really starting to take shape. i am sure tonight i will have lovely dreams of our soft city. cat can you add ryan to our bloggy fun? this is his e-mail:

so now that our city is growing i think it may be easier to leave the bulk of our supplies and buildings in one spot and then meet there. i can volunteer my home. i have a huge storage closet, which is sought after by many of my co-op friends, which is only currently housing jasons plastic etc, and some of my old roommates stuff.

don't know if people mind not hosting and want the fun of it. but i thought this would be easier then bringing supplies each time.

a note on bag-blogging self-sufficiency: if you are an "admin" bag-blogger, like rose and yvonne and I, you can click on "change settings" then on "members" then on "add new members" to add new blog members. I'll leave this to rose as an exercise.

also, since this is a world wide web we're on, it's probably not a good idea to post people's e-mail addresses. that's a good way to get them on spam lists. it's probably also not a good idea to post addresses, like R inadvertently did a while back. maybe that's a bit paranoid, but the spam thing is for real.

if you get a sewing machine, then ok, but that's a drawback to bagging at your place. also, we don't need to transport the whole city to each meeting, right? y and i were talking about one of us hosting next time. i think we both want to be able to stay home where it's warm, so you might have a fight on your hands. but really, it doesn't matter too much.
okay. i'll add him. no issues with the hosting in the cold. i understand. but i can keep some stuff at my house the next time its here regardless. if people are short on storage.

thanks mom
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