Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Supplies III

There is a fabricland around the corner from work. I will go there around 4pm.
If anyone would like to place an order I will pick things up for you....

Did you buy a bag of stuffing Rose? Or were you just getting foam?

I also had a thought about larger foam--I once got an off cut of pillow foam from an upholsterer. It would be a low cost alternative and the extra pieces tend to be quite large.

There is also a Lewiscraft if anyone has any other requests.

no. didn't do that yet. if you could pick up from the fabric store that would be super. its pretty outta the way for me to go.
i got some lino blocks and a cutting tool yesterday, so we should be good in that department. maybe one day rose could take me to the art store and show me how to buy paint/ink.
cooliostiy. i will bring the ink.
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