Tuesday, February 15, 2005


for inviting me, catherine. i'll do my best to behave. in fact, if i actually participate it will be a miracle. but i'll try.

you've already contributed more than jason. is jason afraid of the blog? is he just really busy making buildings? where is the bag-boy?
well i just saw jason off to new york. my guess about his lack of blogging is both fear and lack of technical know-how. but as the official girlfriend of mr. van horne i believe it is well within my right to speak for him whenever i please. he will contribute more when he returns from his art shennanigans. and he is in for the friday meeting.
um, well baggies, thanks for the vote of confidence on my blogging skills.

if you need me i'll be in NYC conducting a little "research".
guess you showed us, bag-boy.
okay i know i make fun of jason a little. but in case there was any doubt i do adore him. i am just trying to cover it up with sarcasm and toughness. and that is all that will ever be spoken on this matter in this blog. ever.
hooray for jason's NYC research. please bring back mini building replicas on keychains. (and for the record, i have every confidence in your blogging skills.)

i'll be going to pittsburgh in march. can i write-off my trip as a business expense if i call it an architectural research trip?
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