Sunday, August 28, 2005

Canzine and wonky email service

hey all,

i'm taking Catherine's advice and posting this on the blog instead of just emailing. even though readers (if people other than us actually read this thing) won't be privy to the countless emails that preceded this one.

hey Rose, i didn't go anywhere...??? i just wasn't around a computer yesterday. unless, these emails were going around all last week and i just got them today (delivered yesterday afternoon according to gmail). i am not getting doubles like you though.

i love the idea of being able to realize many of the ideas we had for Alley Jaunt, but never got around to doing (i.e. lighting, soundtrack... smoke sounds great too!) i also would love to blend old and new buildings. there is something eerie about it. especially when you combine the smoke machine effect. perhaps we can reflect this in the soundtrack too... like trotting horses, traffic whistles, old school fire truck sirens?

i hope we get space during Canzine. this is very exciting. Jason don't you know Anna at Broken Pencil? is there a way you can contact her and ask her if she got Catherine's email?

yes i think a meeting is in order. hopefully we can arrange one before Yvonne leaves.


Monday, August 22, 2005

telegram from PA

hey baggies,

maybe this is just a dumb excuse for a visit to toronto, but what would you think about doing an "art hotel room" at the gladstone for canzine? it could be pretty much the same as what we did on the garage floor, except we could use the hotel bed, dresser, chair, etc as city surfaces instead of the floor. soft city + levels. or we could even go off in some other direction. that's just the most basic idea.

i'm going to e-mail canzine to ask about it. they're apparently looking for ideas.

all those pictures are great! i'll upload mine sometime soon.

UpBAG makes NOW magazine

maybe you've already seen this, but just in case you haven't, Alley Jaunt and UpBAG made this week's NOW magazine.



Thursday, August 18, 2005

More Photos!

... and more to come. I just figured out how to post onto Flickr. Here are the photos from Sunday that were taken on my camera.

go baggies!


Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Alley Jaunt Success!

hip hip hurray!

i had a great time this weekend. i have posted some photos on flickr.

here is the link:

thanks so much.


p.s. when is the next meeting again?

Thursday, August 04, 2005

emergency baggin'

for those of you who weren't there on tuesday, and for those who were, just to confirm, we're meeting at the Bloor Street sauna (aka my apartment) again tomorrow (Friday) night to work some more on the city grid and whatever else needs to get done. Let's say around 8ish. It's going to be a boozerific Friday night sort of affair (assuming y'all bring beverages), and I promise not to start any fights with Jason, so hopefully it will be fun AND we'll get lots done.

in other matters, Y and I were talking yesterday about how we like the name UPBAG better than BAG and both better that what they stand for, so we were thinking it might be an idea to phase out the long version of the name and just be known from now on as UPBAG. What it once stood for could become a curious historical fact that our biographers have to dig up from blog archives. how does that sound?

Monday, August 01, 2005

meeting tomorrow!

hey bags,

so we're meeting at my place tomorrow night. i haven't heard back from the garage host yet, but will probably hear tomorrow morning (it seemed to be her work e-mail). So hopefuly we can meet at the garage (316 Shaw) at 7:30, but if not, then you can come straight here for around 7:30 instead. I'll let you know if I hear from her tomorrow. If you can't make it to the garage, I'm sure we'll be back at my place by 8:30, so come on over then.

remember, bring all your buildings and any supplies you want to use for the city grid.


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