Sunday, May 29, 2005

Next Meeting?

Hi Bags

Do we want to meet this week? I'm free Wednesday (1st) or Thursday (2nd) if you are!

Sorry, I can't seem to open the 3 comments to Sarah's last post, so perhaps another time has already been proposed.


Oh! It looks like Catherine and I are on the same wavelength. She just posted too! The only problem with Tuesday is that it's supposed to be the former-442-household-hangout. But if JVH would rather do UPBAG, it's OK with me...

tuesday is 2 days away

hey baggies
so we're supposed to have a meeting on tuesday. and nobody has suggested a meeting place yet. brenda teased me with the possibility of her place, then realized she can't do it. so here i am asking for trouble... we can meet at my place.
will anyone come? please? 7pm?
let me know if you need the address.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

hello fellow baggies,

are we meeting tonight?


Monday, May 16, 2005

Giving out our info

Hi baggies

I was thinking of emailing the Alley Jaunt proposal (along with the blog link, etc) to a research group I used to work with called The Visible City Project. They're interested in knowing about projects like these. They would probably put link to us on their website, and maybe want to interview us in the future. The website is if you want to check it out. Would that be OK?

Friday, May 13, 2005

(UP)BAG field trip suggestion

if we make some more CN towers tonight, we could fashion them into party hats or something nerdy like that. we are meeting tonight, right?
You are invited to Toronto the Good.

[murmur] and Spacing Magazine are teaming up with ERA Architects to throw a party - part of Toronto's Festival of Architecture and Design. If you are in Toronto this Tuesday, May 17th from 6pm-12am, head on down to the Fermentation Cellar in the Distillery District and celebrate our city. Toronto's Poet Laureate, Pier Giorgio Di Cicco, will give a short talk on the beauty of the city. If you haven't yet heard him speak, this is your chance to see and hear our civic treasure in person. You can play the "Name That Toronto Intersection" game, help create a giant map that will show where Toronto lives and works, or gaze up at over 1,000 images of Toronto projected onto the cellar walls. Djs Will Munro and Christopher Thinn will provide the music throughout the night.

A suggested donation at the door of $10-20 will include food and drink service between 6 and 9pm - with drinks and entertainment to follow until 12.

We hope to see you there. The full invite and further information can be found here:

This event is a fundraiser for [murmur] and Spacing. It's also an excuse to get the people who care about the city in one place.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

why does everybody hate my house?

(just got home with a load of stuffing, felt and snacks... slightly PO'd at the last minute bail-fest, so excuse the hostile tone.)

if JVH can't be bothered to respond in person, I don't think his availability should be a factor in scheduling meetings. it seems ridiculous to wait a month before meeting again just because he can't come. but yeah, with 3 baggies down, it would have been a sad little gathering.

so let's reschedule sooner rather than later. i could meet friday, sunday, monday or tuesday. but my place is no longer available for meetings, since it's obviously cursed. Rose, do any of those days work for you? Yvonne, how is early next week?


looks like the meeting cannot happen this eve. j.v.h cannot come nor can yvonne. two key members. and noone else has confirmed but me and c.s.

thus, we need to make it another day i think. could be later this week, maybe? friday or sunday eve? jason is moving tuesday of next week so maybe we should wait.


Sunday, May 08, 2005

it's that time again

We're due for a meeting this coming Tuesday, May 10th.
How about my place? 7:30?
Sarah, I'll e-mail you directions.
Rose, remember our plan to get Ryan to come? and how is the alley jaunt application coming?
Jason, the Ossington bus can bring you north from King St.
Yvonne, any other Disney movies you want to see, in case nobody shows?

on the agenda:
- eating
- drinking
- sewing
- stuffing
- picture-taking
- UPBAG-kit planning
- and more!

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