Tuesday, March 01, 2005

anyone want to come see this tomorrow night?

Cinematheque Ontario's THE INDEPENDENTS presents . . .


A visual voyage which captures the beauty and originality of Los Angeles's
outdoor mural paintings, MUR MURS (France 1981, 81 minutes) includes
interviews with many artists, including Judy Baca, who observes: "I started
painting because I realized that I had never seen a Chicana in a museum." A
terrific study of public art, the film explores such questions as 'who
paints them, who pays for them, who looks at them, [and] how this city,
which is the film capital of the world, reveals itself by its whispering
walls' (Varda). An 'exhilarating poetic documentary on the murals. . . .
Liberated by Varda's magical camera each of these artists becomes an
articulate charmer' (Mary Corliss, The Soho News).

Please note: while many of the interviews are in English, the film's
narration is in French and is not subtitled.

Wednesday, March 2 at 6:30 p.m.

added bonus: it's FREE
that sounds good to me. i am down the cfmdc until around 6, so i will try to get there on time.

on another topic: sorry just responding now, but yes the proposal for the TV peeps sounds good. i can do the hand-sew felt step no prob. i'm thinking of starting to work on the CBC broadcast centre, after having looked at pictures of it at rb's last week. it's a very complicated little building, and would involve lots of hand-sewing work. thanks for writing it up, cg.
oops. make that "c" not "cg." I don't know where that g came from!
i can't make it either i am covering a concert at the opera house tomorrow.
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