Sunday, March 13, 2005

multiple bags

Yvonne and i ran into this guy Gabe on Friday night at the Inbreds show and he gave us flyers for a show his band was playing (today), and you'll never guess what the name of the band was: ***Bag*** so we told him about our BAG, and we sparked an idea of having a show where the Bag band plays on an (UP)BAG soft city stage. I realize now that I don't know any way of getting into contact with Gabe. I've always just randomly run into him at shows. but maybe I can dig up the info if I put my feelers out. What do y'all think of that idea? Maybe it needs a little more to it. something that would let people know a bit about the BAG experience. Maybe an interactive BAG environment to explore, or some tie in with a public space type of event? or not to volunteer other people's houses for stuff, but maybe a tie in with the April 1 party the Lansdowne house was thinking of having? just an idea. Actually, the Anarchist Free U is probably having their end of term party that night, and it sounds like it will be cooler than usual, like with bands playing and stuff. not sure if that matters or not. there might not be much overlap between BAG and the AFU geeks.

I love the idea of sets: bag could be a warm up exercise for mdr! I'm picturing human scale buildings that you can sit on or, curl up with...Can you imagine at a public space event passers by being drawn in to design a more appealing city?
Perfect for public space events.

On another note... has anyone heard of a book called collage city by colin rowe? The reviews I have found say it is a rejection "total planning" and "total design," instead they propose a "collage city" of miniature utopias. If any one is a paperback swapper--you can send that to me along with the raban book...
how about a music video with the band?
i concur with the video idea.
brenda, what is mdr? yeah lets brainstorm on some kind of event maybe. but what is this band sound like is the most important part.
I just didn't want to spell out mammalian diving reflex....
I think we need another meeting to brainstorm...yeah?
i'm not sure what the band sounds like, but the guy is nic and i heard him play once with a different band, and it was approximately the type of music we'd like.

i'm not sure if they're ready for music videos. the flyer was hand written, so i think it might be a new project. but we could maybe shoot a film/video of a live performance and BAG-land interaction.
i meant nice, not nic.
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