Sunday, May 08, 2005

it's that time again

We're due for a meeting this coming Tuesday, May 10th.
How about my place? 7:30?
Sarah, I'll e-mail you directions.
Rose, remember our plan to get Ryan to come? and how is the alley jaunt application coming?
Jason, the Ossington bus can bring you north from King St.
Yvonne, any other Disney movies you want to see, in case nobody shows?

on the agenda:
- eating
- drinking
- sewing
- stuffing
- picture-taking
- UPBAG-kit planning
- and more!

yeah, i'm up for the meeting. just blew back into town so haven't worked on application yet. but i will within the next few days. cat, can you send me those photos that were taken at sarah's house?

and will try to get our stray baggie sheep to come.

over and out crew
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