Friday, July 01, 2005


hey baggies,

at the meeting yvonne, sarah and i were discussing an upbag logo. a couple of ideas were a stack of hands doing the upbag cheer (either a side-view like a stack of pancakes with arms attached, or a top view like a starburst) or the word upbag made of bricks or something. so we were hoping any interested parties could continue the brainstorming, chime in on which ideas you like, and maybe even draw up some samples. the plan was to make t-shirts or something to sell at the alley jaunt. i guess we could make more than one type of shirt if there are multiple good options.

there's also been some talk of assembly line action for making the kits. personally, i think we should strike up little committees to take care of all this sort of stuff we need to get done. if the responsibility is spread a little less widely, maybe things will actually get done? so the possible committees are:
- kit
- blanket
- soundtrack
- logo/t-shirts
- am i forgetting anything?
maybe we could each be on 2 committees max?
or we could keep on procrastinating as a big family unit. but eventually i will crack and start making the kits in secret by myself.

and the next meeting will be at sarah's air-conditioned apartment july 12th.

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