Thursday, August 04, 2005

emergency baggin'

for those of you who weren't there on tuesday, and for those who were, just to confirm, we're meeting at the Bloor Street sauna (aka my apartment) again tomorrow (Friday) night to work some more on the city grid and whatever else needs to get done. Let's say around 8ish. It's going to be a boozerific Friday night sort of affair (assuming y'all bring beverages), and I promise not to start any fights with Jason, so hopefully it will be fun AND we'll get lots done.

in other matters, Y and I were talking yesterday about how we like the name UPBAG better than BAG and both better that what they stand for, so we were thinking it might be an idea to phase out the long version of the name and just be known from now on as UPBAG. What it once stood for could become a curious historical fact that our biographers have to dig up from blog archives. how does that sound?

sounds good to me...
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